Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the responsibility of the EQAR General Assembly, as set out in the Rules of Procedure:

III.1 As the highest decision-making body of the Association, the General Assembly is in charge of strategic planning.

III.2 It should develop and adopt a Strategic Plan for EQAR, and review and update it at least every five years.

III.3 It should update annually the rolling two-year Work Plan, based on the Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets the high-level goals and areas of activity for EQAR.

The Executive Board drafts the Strategic Plan, based on the outcomes of the (self-)evaluation, see below, and a discussion with members, usually in a dedicated Members' Dialogue.

The EB presents the Strategic Plan for adoption to the General Assembly.

Current version: EQAR Strategy 2018-2022


The five-year cycle for reviewing and updating the Strategic Plan is attuned to the regular self-evaluation process undertaken by EQAR.

The self-evaluation is initiated by the EQAR General Assembly, adopting a plan at the Executive Board's proposal.

The self-evaluation process itself is then planned in detail and coordinated by a Self-Evaluation Group, which includes representatives from EQAR's different bodies; the exact composition of the Group is decided by the General Assembly when adopting the plan for the self-evaluation.

The final self-evaluation report is adopted by the General Assembly.

Every secound self-evaluation is followed by an external evaluation of EQAR, i.e. every ten years.

The plans for the external evaluation are adopted by the General Assembly.

The first self-evaluation and external evaluation of EQAR took place in 2010/11, leading to the elaboration and adoption in 2012 of the first Strategic Plan, covering the years 2013-2017. The second self-evaluation of EQAR took place in 2015/16; in 2017, the first Strategic Plan was reviewed and the EQAR Strategy 2018-2022 adopted.

Rolling Work Plan

Based on the high-level goals set for a five-year period, the General Assembly adopts a "rolling work plan". The work plan covers two calendar years and is updated annually. The work plans describes in more detail how the activities envisaged in the Strategy will be implemented, next to EQAR's regular statutory business.

The Executive Board propses the work plan to the General Assembly for adoption.

A progress report on the work plan is presented annually to the General Assembly.