Online Booking Tools

EQAR works with a travel agency, FCm Travel, that also provides an on-line booking tool, named Arrivon.

For your flights to EQAR meetings or any external meetings where EQAR covers your costs, please use the on-line tool or contact FCm Travel by phone or email if your travel cannot be booked through the tool. When booking through FCm there is no need to advance your travel costs, as EQAR will be invoiced directly. In case of unforeseen travel problems you will be able to access a 24H helpline (see below).

Arrivon: flights

The on-line booking tool is intuitive and resembles a typical public travel booking site that you could find on the internet. In case of questions, please refer to the key steps below or the detailed user manual provided by FCm.

The tool can be found at:

Your login name is your email address. The company code should normally be pre-filled; otherwise EQAR's company code is eqarbe.

If you used our previous tool (Amadeus e-Travel Management), all your preset preferences (e.g. frequent flyer numbers) were transferred.

The Arrivon tool provides two different search possibilities:

  • Price Search: only the cheapest price will be offered and no other options will be shown

  • Schedule Search: you can select from all possible flights, and the price will be calculated after flight selection; different fares for the same flight can be chosen.

Some practical tips:

  • The cheapest price found by Price Search might not include checked luggage. If you need checked luggage, please enter a remark for the FCm agent or book a fare with luggage using the Schedule Search.

  • The tool is able to book some low-cost airlines, but might not include all airlines. If no convenient flights are offered it can be worth investigating whether other low-cost airlines serve your route, and to book them elsewhere.

  • If you are searching for a return trip, the tool automatically also tries combinining two one-way flights (e.g. different airlines/alliances). However, it might not always find all possible combinations, so it can be useful to manually search for outward and return flights as two one-way bookings.

  • All your bookings made on Arrivon can be found under the section “View Your bookings”.

B-Europe: rail

Train bookings are not integrated into Arrivon, but available through a separate portal.

Normally, every user should have a login to the B-Europe site automatically. If you are unable to log in, please contact FCm directly at +32 2 719 9090 or by email at

For Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France you can now also book local trains (in addition to ICE, Thalys and TGV). You can add country specific rail discount cards for these countries, too.

Customer Service

In case of questions or problems related to bookings you can reach the FCm Travel customer service at:

+ 32 2 719 90 90 or

The regular customer service is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 18:00. Outside the regular hours please use the 24h helpline (+49 89 45 56 05 19) only in urgent cases since there is a 30€ per call charge to EQAR.

Reimbursement rules

(adopted by the Executive Board on 15 September 2010)


Travel and subsistence costs are reimbursed for all meetings of EQAR’s statutory bodies. Observers on the Register Committee are expected to cover their own travel costs. For General Assembly meetings, members are expected to make arrangements for and cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

Reimbursement is for all costs for all means of travel from the point of origin to the point of destination, and vice versa. This may include visa fees, travel insurance and cancellation costs, where justified.

Reimbursement of travel costs is based on actual costs as, independent of the means of travel (rail, bus, taxi, plane and car). You are kindly requested to use the most economical means of travel.

You are kindly asked to organise your journey so that overnight stays are minimised. If the travel costs are substantially lower when staying one or more extra nights (i.e. outweigh the costs of the extra stay), it is at your discretion which itinerary to choose.

Please hold on to all original receipts (including boarding passes) and hand them in to the Secretariat together with your reimbursement form.

You will always be reimbursed in Euro. In case you use a different currency, the official conversion rate by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the payment date will be applied.

Air travel

Flights are reimbursed in economy class.

Exceptionally, for long-haul travel involving any continuous flight of more than five hours, business class can be reimbursed. In this case please consult with the Secretariat before booking.

Rail travel

You are requested to travel in second/economy class, unless tickets in another class are cheaper at the time of booking.

Car travel

Expenses for private car travel (personal or company cars), where substantiated, will be reimbursed according to European Commission rate, currently EUR 0,22 per km.


Taxi costs will be reimbursed if they are comparable to other means of travel or justified for late arrival, early departure, excessive luggage or similar reasons.

If several people travel together in one taxi, the person being reimbursed should specify who was travelling with him/her.

Car rental

Please ask authorisation beforehand for car rental.


The Secretariat normally takes care of all hotel bookings.

If you want to stay in a different hotel than the one designated by EQAR please inform the Secretariat beforehand. You will have to take care of the booking yourself and will be reimbursed afterwards (using the reimbursement form). However, the hotel has to be in the same price range and the reimbursement is limited to the costs of a single room. Any supplement for reserving a double room has to be covered by you.


EQAR normally organises lunches and dinners on the day(s) of the meeting and sometimes also the day before or after the meeting.

Breakfast is normally included in the organised accommodation. If this is not the case, it will be reimbursed afterwards.

Meals during travel and other refreshments will be reimbursed, where substantiated and not excessive.

For any questions in relation to reimbursements and applying these rules please contact the Secretariat. Any reimbursements beyond these rules need to be agreed with the Secretariat, whenever possible in advance.

Download: reimbursement form