EQAR Internal Handbook

This Internal Handbook aims to inform and support your work as EQAR staff member or serving on one of EQAR's committees (Register Committee, Executive Board or Appeals Committee).

The first version of this Handbook was created in 2010, after EQAR’s first Joint Informal Meeting of committees, and revised in 2014 and 2015, in order to take account of changes in EQAR's Procedures for Applications. While earlier versions of the Handbook targeted primarily the EQAR Register Committee, the present (2020) version is the result of a more substantial revision, integrating a number of additional issues that are relevant for staff and other committees.

The Handbook includes a description of EQAR's organisational structure, followed by three substantial chapters addressing (1) governance and strategy, (2) the management of the Register (incl. DEQAR) and (3) logistical and administrative issues.

As a small organisation, EQAR can only realise its activities thanks to the invaluable commitment of those who contribute their time and effort as members of its committees. I hope this Handbook will be a useful tool to facilitate your involvement in EQAR. Any feedback on the current version would be a great help for future revisions.

Colin Tück (Director, EQAR Secretariat)