EQAR is sub-renting office space from the Netherlands house for Education and Research (Neth-ER). This chapter includes information on matters related to the office and physical facilities.

Building Access

You have two keys: one for the entrance doors on the ground floor, one for the office door on the third floor. Please always make sure the office door is locked if nobody is in the office!

There is no alarm. When leaving the building in the evening, please make sure the inner door is closed.

Phone System

Your desktop phone has a dedicated fixed phone number. When calls are not answered they are automatically transferred to your mobile phone.

The Polycom meeting phone is reachable by the number +32 2 234 39 18. EQAR can receives telefax at +32 2 234 39 19, these are then forwarded by email.

Meeting Rooms

The contract with Neth-ER includes use of the meeting rooms, subject to availability and after reservation. While the meeting room use as such is free, catering will be charged.

When planning a meeting, contact Uli Schillebeeckx at Neth-ER ( or 02 511 50 40) or use the online reservation form.

Printer and Scanner

The office printer is configured on EQAR computers (desktop and laptop). The default setting is to print in greyscale, duplex and stapled. For economic and ecological reasons, please use duplex whenever possible and colour only if really necessary.

If you scan to folder “eqar-nas”, you can find the scanned file in the Scan folder on the media share.

Alternatively, you can have scans sent by email.